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  Gary's Story

As your exness representative in Congress, and as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee and a senior member of the House Transportation Committee, I strive daily to bring some common sense to Washington. Recently, like you, I have realized common sense has been something hard to find in Congress. My philosophy is a simple one: government has started doing more harm than good when it comes to the average hardworking American. But I am not a pessimist about our future.  I have lived the American Dream, and I know we can save it. 

Like most Americans, I have worked my way up the hard way. I grew up in a single parent working class family. My mother exness broker was a grocery store checker and we lived with my grandparents. I worked after school to earn a little extra money. Like many Americans today, we did not have a lot of money – but we had a strong work ethic.

I know firsthand the pain small business owners face when dealing with unfair rules and a faceless government bureaucracy. In my early 20’s with an old van and a cardboard box of tools I started a local construction company. Soon I had built my first custom home.  Then another. Then more. It was never easy – and the biggest obstacle was always the government’s heavy hand.

At the same time as I was building my small business I met Cathy. We were married in 1972 and as the business grew, so did exness sign up the family. She did the company books and I built the homes. We purchased our own home together where we raised three sons and one daughter. Our family has been active in our local church and neighborhood for decades. 

The Miller family is committed to public service. I served on the City Council, and as Mayor. In 1995 I ran for and was elected to the State Assembly. While serving as Chairman of the Budget Committee, I helped negotiate the first K-12 classroom size reduction, and helped pass a balanced budget that reduced the business tax rate to 1973 levels while maintaining a $310 million reserve; something that may seem impossible in Sacramento today. I had the honor to represent San Bernardino County for 14 years, in which time we were able to accomplish many great things together.

In 1998 I was elected to Congress. I have since worked to reduce wasteful Washington spending so we do not leave our children deep in debt. I have consistently voted to eliminate federal regulations so that business will hire more people. Furthermore, I have been a voice to expand our local transportation so we can spend more time with our families and less time in traffic. 

I know how hard yet gratifying it is to work your way up. This has given me a reputation from my supporters for getting things done. A reputation I cherish. I believe I have proven time and again I share our values. Perhaps most important, I do not believe the sun is setting on the Inland Empire. Together, we can make it rise again.


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